Stir together the writing styles of Clive Cussler, Elmore Leonard, and Lynwood Barclay, add a pinch of Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich and you'll have the recipe for a Glenn Muller thriller.

Laced with action, humour, and a host of characters that readers immediately relate to, Glenn's stories revolve around ordinary folk being placed into extraordinary situations. He likes to push his characters out of their comfort zone and then give them plenty of opportunity to screw up, which they often do.

Glenn Muller was born in New Jersey, USA, then spent his early years in Lancashire, England before emigrating to Canada with his family. A bright student, he admittedly "just coasted through school", excelling in English (still coasting) but more focused on soccer and hockey, than math and geography.

During his twenties and early thirties, Glenn owned a street-legal 1969 Dodge Charger which he sometimes raced at the local drag strip. Back then he was also a driving instructor, and those two sides of the same coin formed the personality of the main character in his first full-length novel - TORQUE, the story of an average guy who gets swept up into a dangerous scenario.

Shortly after TORQUE was released, Glenn began a successful freelance bookkeeping business which helps to keep wine on the table while the book royalties trickle in and he works on new material.

A life-long interest in Space exploration and astronomy is the inspiration for BOOMERANG, Glenn's second full-length novel. Released in November 2018, it is about a spy satellite that crash lands near a small town in Canada. True to form, this story is strongly character based, and most of the characters are everyday folk who must deal with the unusual event.

For those craving a quick read, THE LETTERHEAD AFFAIR makes for an entertaining couple hours of distraction. The action takes place in the Florida Keys, and like the full-length novels there are plenty of twists and turns.

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